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Services we do
We regain or retain our clients through our valuable services we provide. Some of the valuable services are & the products lists are provided at the end.
Annual Service

Annual Service Contract:
Ability to provide or supplement in-house maintenance

M/s. RIS, hereinafter referred to as "The Service Provider" undertakes to maintain and service the under mentioned equipment, with its model number and serial number as indicated below, purchased by the buyer, hereinafter referred to as "The Customer", for the annual fee, as mentioned hereunder, paid in advance, with effect from_________(date)__________ with the following terms and conditions. This contract is valid for the under mentioned period from the date in effect.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Contract:
Annual preventive maintenance service
The Annual Maintenance Contract is the legal agreement normally conducted between two companies wherein the later agrees to render the maintenance service annually to the former at an exchange of the nominal amount. It ensures that the later promises to provide maintenance services to the former all throughout the year on a regular basis.

The Annual Maintenance Contracts is also known as AMC which is liable to TDS as per the Income Tax Act 1961. It was issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on the Circular No 715 and was being published on 8th of August 1995. This issue says that a regular maintenance agreement which involves the need of spares are covered u/s 194C is not tax liable but wherein the technical services are provided is attached with the deduction of tax.

On Call Service

On Call Service:
Where great people and Innovative Technology combine to bring you the Best
This department provides 24-hour service, 365 days a year. The on-call person can be reachable through mobiles or land-lines of communication, and is always there to respond to the queries of our clients. Dial 080 411-07355. The department regards on-call duty as a significant element of the RIS to enhance the services in a better way.

The Product & Services Currently being supported

motherboard Motherboard – Desktop, Server, Notebook
Control standard peripheral devices
A motherboard is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals.
mobile Mobile Devices
Addresses communication issues in Ad-hoc and Infrastructure Networks
Mobile device (also known as a handheld device, handheld computer or simply handheld) is a pocket-sized computing device, typically having a display screen with touch input and/or a miniature keyboard.
data Data Recovery Services – HDD, Floppy, Card, CD, Tape
Guaranteed your valuable data by deploying highly skilled recovery specialized expertise
Salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.
network Networking Products – Complete Range
Delivering Innovative Networking Solutions
Networking products include:
1. Wide area network routers
2. Wireless access points, adapters, and connectivity products
3. Internet access gateways and firewalls, both wired and wireless
4.Network management applications.


display Display Devices – CRT & LCD
Most commonly used form of Visual Displays
Display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual or tactile form. When the input information is supplied as an electrical signal, the display is called an electronic display.
storage Storage Devices-Optical Disk Drives, DAT, DLT, Libraries
One of the Core Functions of the Modern Global Entity
Devices that process information (data storage equipment) may either access a separate portable (removable) recording medium or a permanent component to store and retrieve information.
printers Printers – DMP, Laserjet, Inkjet, Line-printers
Environment for day- to-day Document Printing
In computing, a printer is a peripheral which produces a text and/or graphics of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies
industrial Industrial, Medical PC & Notebooks
Industrial grade are to build & endure severe Operating Environments
Industrial PCs are used primarily for process control and/or data acquisition. In some cases, an Industrial PC is simply used as a front end to another control computer in a distributed processing environment.
projector Projectors
Widely used versatile devices
Projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface. It is a modern analog of the slide projector or overhead projector.
pheripherals Peripherals–Monitors, Printers, Input Devices
Work with the Information you want to relay on
In computing, input/output, or I/O, refers to the communication between an information processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world, possibly a human, or another information processing system.
optical Optical Devices
Process of reading or writing
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc) & CD (Compact Disc) is a format of optical disc storage medium, with a greater audio-visual data storage capacity than that of the compact disc of the same dimensions.
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